Demolition works

We have rich experience in reconstruction / demolition of reinforced concrete, cinderblock, brick and steel chimneys. We would be pleased to deliver turnkey services including demolition permit, analysis and waste categorization, dismantling, loading, transport and waste disposal at the organized dump waste. Demolition is carried out without blasting, by combining special dismantling tools such as HILTI diamond wall saws, hydraulic HYDROSTRESS crushers and demolition hammers and up to certain heights excavators with pulverizer pliers and hydraulic drill bits.

Especially demolition of slip-form chimneys made of reinforced concrete (monolithic) is technologically and mechanically extremely demanding and requires a lot of experience and time.
We also provide demolition of industrial parks, technology units and buildings according to your requirements.
2500 kilograms is a weight of a cut-off reinforced concrete block during a chimney demolition.