Complex reconstructions of high industrial chimneys are the main scope of our business which we have been operating in since 1999. Our patented system of chimney modernization by installing a suspended, stainless, insulated and ventilated liner has become highly popular in Slovakia. Since its first installation at the turn of the millennium in Bratislava heating plant we have been able to reconstruct many significant chimneys in this way and no extensive chimney repair could do without our innovative solutions. Continuous corrosion and degradation of chimneys due to water vapour diffusion and the impact of chemical processes through its inner lining and shaft have thus become a thing of the past and have been completely eliminated thanks to our solution. Customers have never again returned to conventional ways of exchanging lining for lining commonly used in history.
We use class 316 Ti (1.4571) high quality austenitic steel as well as class 904L (DIN 1.4539) and class 254 SMO materials for highly chemically aggressive environments and operations with coal combustion product desulphurisation as the main material for liners. A turnkey reconstruction also includes general repairs on the chimney construction, static reinforcement of the shaft including shaft rehabilitation and coatings.
Have a look at the photos of our work and references or contact us for further information. We would be pleased to show and tell you more.
7300 millimetres is the diameter of the largest stainless liner we have installed.