We can provide you with a quote for routine repair of any industrial chimney based on audit report results (inspection results) or your requirements.

We really understand chimneys and issues connected with them. After many years of collecting experience, we know exactly how to repair them. We have developed detailed technological processes for every single defect with which you can come across regarding a chimney. We only use top quality reconstruction materials supplied by companies such as SIKA and JOTUN. All kinds of machines and equipment for blasting, remediation and surface treatment of reinforced concrete and masonry on high-rise chimneys could be found in our warehouses.

We work on suspended walkways, suspended scaffolds and work platforms as much as possible. The quality and efficiency of the work is incomparably higher than when working on a rope and moreover, most of the heavy-duty machinery and equipment can´t be used otherwise than from a fixed platform.

We know that chimney repairs are often limited by operation shutdown, highly demanding environment, weather conditions and other problems. Therefore, our fully trained and experienced workers often work in bad weather, at night, at the weekends, in masks and chemical protective clothing in order to meet often very demanding requirements of our customers.
300 metres is the height of the highest chimney we´ve repaired.