Tate & Lyle Boleraz, s.r.o. - Repair of water reservoir +37.0 m

On 30 March 2017, we successfully completed a repair of the water reservoir +37.0m of Tate & Lyle Boleraz, s.r.o.

The following activities were carried out as part of the repair:
  • Remediation of cracks in the shaft;
  • Removal of loose parts of the concrete and remediation of surface defects in the reinforced-concrete shaft of the water reservoir;
  • Painting of the water reservoir shaft;
  • New reinforced concrete rim around the entrance opening;
  • New lining of the water reservoir tank;
  • Renovation of anti-corrosion protection of steel structures, both exterior and interior;
  • New reinforced-concrete coving on the entrance door.